• the perks of being a wallflower (obvious cliche teenage pick i know but its my favourite book of all time and has been for a very long time)
  • moonrise kingdom
  • american history x
  • spring breakers
  • mysterious skin (tw:rape/child molestation)
  • fight club
  • pulp fiction
  • heathers
  • absolutely everything baz luhrmann has touched (actually you can leave out australia i liked it but it’s a bit iffy other than that he is a mastermind of glitter)
  • whats eating gilbert grape
  • chocolat
  • kids (1995)
  • stand by me
  • my own private idaho
  • 50/50
  • i’m a huge tim burton fan (edward scissorhands, beetlejuice, a nightmare before christmas, big fish, okay literally anything before dark shadows is good actually frankenweenie was lovely just ignore dark shadows and the abraham lincoln one)
  • a requiem for a dream (i feel like i should tw this but i don’t know what for it’s hard to watch so yeah)
  • trainspotting (same deal)
  • 500 days of summer
  • the darjeeling limited
  • the royal tenenbaums
  • fantastic mr. fox
  • howls moving castle
  • the outsiders
  • john hughes films (the breakfast club, pretty in pink, sixteen candles, ferris buellers day off in particular)
  • the teenage apocalypse trilogy (totally fucked up, nowhere, the doom generation)
  • manic (joseph gordon levitt and zooey deschanels first film together very good would recommend)
  • 10 things i hate about you 
  • brokeback mountain is a beautiful movie it is not a gay cowboy movie it just happens to have gay cowboys in it
  • rise of the planet of the apes
  • the black swan
  • donnie darko
  • inception
  • garden state
  • john waters movies (camp as christmas and totally kitsch but crybaby, hairspray and pink flamingos are revolutionary)
  • yeah quentin tarentino films obviously he’s extraordinary
  • natural born killers
  • from dusk till dawn
  • where the wild things are
  • igby goes down
  • girl interrupted
  • almost famous
  • cherrybomb
  • pans labyrinth
  • looper
  • how to be (robert pattinson is hilarious)
  • brief encounter (1945 version i believe, it’s black and white but the dialogue is incredible)
  • juno
  •  dead poets society
  • the virgin suicides (not my favourite movie but it’s so beautiful and a big ol room inspiration)
  • adventureland
  • into the wild
  • the big lebowski
  • the girl with the dragon tattoo (tw rape)
  • i’m not going to recommend twilight but it is the biggest guilty pleasure
  • v for vendetta
  • ok there are so many more and i feel like i’m forgetting something important and i know i already mentioned baz luhrmann but seriously how great was gatsby
  • superbad, 21 jump street, all the gross out comedies, i feel like i should mention pineapple express purely for the ugg boot scene


  • again topping the list is perks of being a wallflower
  • looking for alaska
  • the fault in our stars
  • paper towns
  • will grayson will grayson
  • fight club
  • invisible monsters
  • the adventures of sherlock holmes
  • the further adventures of sherlock holmes
  • the catcher in the rye
  • the great gatsby
  • lullaby
  • the outsiders
  • lolita
  • the book thief
  • to kill a mockingbird
  • mysterious skin
  • it’s kind of a funny story
  • thirteen reason why
  • about a boy
  • picnic at hanging rock
  • the mortal instrument series thing
  • yeah theres more sorry i’ve forgotten

tv shows

  • twin peaks (incredibly slow at first, but literally amazing man amazing)
  • freaks and geeks (i’d watch it just for young james franco and jason segel)
  • sherlock BBC (i bet u dont get that enough)
  • game of thrones
  • 21 jump street (johnny depp DAMN)
  • outnumbered (best child actors seriously)
  • breaking bad
  • skins obviously just don’t watch season five or six they’re not worth your time
  • i’m missing a very obvious one aren’t i




this is how i make the polaroid effect thing, it’s not the way others do it but this way works for me so if ya dont like the way i do it, leaaaave. 

basically, all you’re gonna need for this is:

  • a picture of a celeb (i get my pictures from here)
  • basic photoshop skills (cropping, placing a psd etc etc)

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its getting so hot not the weather i meant me

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